Black Lives Matter

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I found myself scrolling through my Facebook feed recently seeing several postings with the phrase All Lives Matter. Prior to watching the execution of George Floyd on television I would of just thought, that’s right All Lives Matter.  I’m ashamed to say that it took such a horrible event and all the recent BLM protests for me to take the time to educate myself about what Black Lives Matter really meant.  

BLM does not mean that an African American’s life is more valuable than anyone else’s. BLM is a movement to make people aware of the immense risk that African American’s have of being choked to death by law enforcement or mis-represented in our legal system.  I’m a father of two beautiful daughters and I have never in my life worried about them being detained and choked to death by the police. This, unfortunately is a worry a good majority of African American parents have every day.  I recognize my own privilege as a white man and I want to use that to become an ally and help those who don’t have this same privilege. 

The majority of police officers have good intentions and want to do the right thing just like the majority of protesters have good intentions and want to do the right thing.  Do I know what the fix is for all this?  I don’t but I do know that the best way to start fixing things is education.  I have outlined a couple things below that you can start with and of course there are many many more resources out there.  

  • Brene’ Brown is a professor who did a Facebook Live session answering race related questions after the Charlottesville car attack against protesters in 2017.  I found this so informative and educational and I highly recommend watching it. Give yourself 30 minutes and give this a listen.
  • I also recently watched a documentary on Netflix called 13th which I found very educational.  Pick a night for the family to sit down and watch this together.   Here is a link to the movie trailer.

I’m hoping that by sharing my story that somehow maybe I could help someone unlearn and relearn about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.  Education is the first step.

Scott Mink
Husband, Father, Small Business Owner