Ten Awesome Interview Tips

September 19, 2017 Scott Mink
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1.  You can never overdress:

  • I know, I know!  I hate to dress up just as much as the next guy.  That said when you are going on an interview break out the nice clothes.  If the potential employer knows you went out of your way to look nice they know you are taking the opportunity serious.

2.  Research the company:

  • If you have not yet found the company website you need to right away.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “they did not even know the CEO of our company”.  It is very important to research all parts of the company.  Where are all the offices?  What are all the products/services? How many employees?  Press releases?  Find out everything you can about the company before you start that interview.

3.  Research the role:

  • Study the job description over and over.  Look at the website for the original job posting.  Know all the requirements.  Because I talk to so many people every day I do have a tendency to sail over the details of the position.  If there is something that is not clear send me a note.

4.  Research yourself:

  • This one sounds kind of silly but a person really does forget their accomplishments and what is on your resume.  Make sure you know your resume and what is on it.

5.  Interviewer insight:

  • All organizations and HR departments are different.  Take a look at my 50 top interview questions link to help prepare you for the interview.

6.  Practice:

  • Run through the questions and your answers.  Use the mirror if you don’t have anyone to practice with.

7.  Build a rapport:

  • Be friendly.  Most people like that.  There is nothing wrong with starting a conversation with the weather, sports or commonalities that you have discovered through your research.

8.  Never be late:

  • Just like it says.  Make sure you are there 15 minutes early sitting in the parking lot.

9.  Relax:

  • Just like Aaron Rodgers said at the beginning of the 2014/2015 NFL season.  “R E L A X”  The person that is interviewing you wants you to be good just as much as you want to be good.  They are on your side and want you to hit the ball out of the park.

10.  Be positive:

  • The reason you are looking for a new job is not that all the people you work with currently are idiots.  You always should have a positive spin with your answers and a positive attitude in general.  No one wants to hire a person who can’t play well with others or is always a downer.